About Licensify.co

Posted by Gen Vagula

Dear Photographer,

Licensify.co is a licensing toolbox for photographers at every level from amateurs to professional photographers.

It was created as a useful tool for photographers to simplify the whole licensing process both for a photographer and to the client.

It is meant for photographers who don’t want to sell their pictures through third parties, want to have maximum control of the prices and provide professional service to their clients without extra effort and spending.

It all started when my close friend asked to arrange the licensing for him, when he got purchase request for commercial use to one of his pictures as he didn´t really know nothing about the whole bureaucracy. I did it all manually by converting word documents to pdf, exchanged e-mails with the client and so on, think you know the drill.

Then after that, more requests came in and heunderstood that handling fee is going to be too expensive for his friend and it involves too much manual labor handling things this way. So I thought to create something, that would handle all the work automatically and give clean and professional client service to photographer that don’t like to deal with the whole bureaucracy side of the things. He just wants to take nice pictures and get fair earnings in case someone decides to use it commercially. Less time with burecracy, more time behind the lens.

Then we came up with a most minimized version of the needs in todays web environment. So the solution is just to have the link where is just the picture in a nice clean view and with the payment option.

In this way photograhers have all the control in the world on how to market or share or handle the pictures. In addition, pictures would be in a safe container ready for licensing in a snap.

Through the simple payment interface Your client gets slick license, invoice and link to full resolution picture file to their email.

With this simple link we can change the arena of todays habbits. We turn Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media sites to photography commercial licensing environments. We bring licensing down to earth and right next to photographer. The options are endless and at their simplest form.

We work hard so that every photographer could have the ability to provide professional level service to their clients as the best Pro’s do.

We are nothing without you, we are happy knowing we make your life simpler and happier. Sell and present your photography through Licensify.co and let’s all change the world.

So go get over to our page, create the account and start sharing !

Register yourself, share the link to your art and join the future.