More Improvements

Easy Sharing

You can now share even more easily than before by just clicking appropriate buttons in photo details view. Directly sharing is supported to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr. Sharing is caring!

Private Photos

We have added a switch next to each of your photos so that you can control if photo remains private or if it is shown in public gallery. By default all new photos are private and all photos which were already visible in gallery are still there. This functionality adds you the possibility to keep some photos private so that you can share them only to your customers.

Welcome PayPal

Your photos can now be purchased using PayPal in addition to debit/credit card. Hopefully this makes payment experience even more convenient.

Photo Statistics

With previous updates we added global statistics to your dashboard. With latest updates you can see photo-specific statistics under details view. Now you know if you’re sharing good stuff in correct channels.

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